Recipe index

Looking for some cooking inspiration? Check out the index below:


Baked Beans with pancetta and cherry tomatoes

Corn fritters with avocado and smoked salmon 


Prawn wonton noodle soup

Wild rice chicken skillet

Fab fish tacos

Lamb with eggplant and feta  

Jamie Oliver’s duck lettuce cups

Blackened chicken with quinoa 

Chorizo, pea and parmesan pasta 

Perfect pork mince stir fry 

Slow cooker

Chipotle beef

7 hour lamb 


Slow-cooked lamb shank soup

Creamy leek and cauliflower 

400 calories and under

Salmon salad

Chipotle-glazed chicken

Five spice pork with pineapple salsa 

Baked fish parcels with squash and snow peas 

Spring salmon 

Chilli chicken and chickpea salad 

Tuna Nicoise 

Baked chicken with mushrooms and zucchini 


Bill Granger’s baked eggplant with pomegranate

Cherry tomato, garlic and basil pasta

Sweet treats

Classic cinnamon teacake

Caramel peanut slice

Coconut and lemon syrup cake

Chocolate berry cheesecake slice 

Nigella Lawson’s red velvet cupcakes

Vanilla bean cupcakes 

Wicked Tim Tam brownies 

White chocolate, macadamia and berry muffins 

Healthy Snacks

Kale chips

Chocolate and peanut butter protein balls


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