Friday, by the Sea

Another landmark along the journey to a Sydney summer is the arrival of the Sculpture by the Sea exhibition. Weird and wonderful sculptures line the coastal walk from Bondi to Tamarama for two weeks every October – November. Adam and I went to check it out on Friday after work, here’s some of our favourites:

We then ventured to Mamasan – here’s the “about us” section from their website:

“Asian tapas, wine, beer, sake, sushi, sashimi & yum cha.

Everyone knows that Bondi locals hate leaving Bondi – now Mamasan gives them one more reason to stay.

We love our food.

We also love our wine, our beer, but most of all we love our sake.”

They certainly know their audience! While the restaurant interior is funky kitch and atmospheric, there’s not much elbow room between tables, so we decide to sit outside. Gemma, the ever-smiling owner of the restaurant comes to greet us and we order the amazing potato “chips” we loved on a previous visit –  baby potatoes served with crunchy fresh basil and wasabi mayo ($9). Yum! We’re also sold on a special-non-menu-item Wagyu Jerky that’s been drying for two weeks. When I hear jerky I tend to think “old boot”, but this has a much nicer, sashimi type texture.

The menu is varied and a lot of fun. After much deliberation we settle on the “delicious cornucopia” of prawn dumplings ($16), which are full of lovely fresh prawn pieces and the jumbo prawns served with a light satay sauce. Our favourite plate is the Pork Sliders, which are served with wasabi apple sauce (beware – it’s hotter than you think!!)

We really enjoy the service. The waitstaff are very friendly and the bartender hand delivers Adam’s Japanese Hitachino Espresso Stout beer to the table (he’s been trying to source some ever since, if you have any suggestions let me know!). You can choose your own little sake cups. Cute. Later when I was starting to get cold, Adam asked the waitress for a “blanket” and we very nearly had a plate of (duck) “pancakes” delivered to the table!

Mamasan – big prawns, steamed dumplings, pork sliders, lucky cats, japanese beer, potato chips and wagyu beef

Mamasan – very highly recommended, bring a big bunch of friends or a big appetite (the walk from Tamarama to Bondi should do it!)

67 – 59 Beach Road


Tel 9130 5066


Last gratuitous shot:


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