Play, Love, Pinterest!

Put. The. Phone. Down. I’m fast realising that it’s impossible to spend just 5 minutes on Pinterest. Every night I crash into bed, and despite being fully aware of an 8am meeting the next morning, I can’t help but logging on to have a quick peek at what’s new. I hope you don’t mind if I share my week in pins with you.

Cell phones and water do not mix. Just tell that to my iphone, which is nice and shiny following a spin in the washing machine this afternoon. I’ve popped it in a little bed of rice, blindly and desperately following instructions from Professor Google. I think it’s going to wind up being an expensive exercise!

Gangnam style. There’s a few things I miss about my old job, and travelling to Korea is high on that list. I absolutely love Korea, Koreans, Korean food, K-Pop, kimchi, etc, etc.

Night Noodle Markets – Hyde Park transforms by night during October to an Asian style Hawker market (of course at Sydney prices!). Tuesday will be visit three for me! Have you been yet? Next week will be your final chance, so get there if you can.

2013 Good Food Guide – make sure you’re subscribed to Feast Play Love, and be in the draw to win the ultimate dining bible.

This little black pup is Barney, my friends’ miniature toy poodle. I absolutely fell in love with him on my recent trip to Perth, and have been trying to put a case forward for a little friend for Adam and I, without a great deal of success. My campaign took another battering this week, after Adam discovered a sage plant I’d forgotten about on the balcony 😦

French Martinis – I’m a little obsessed with these at the moment. Have you ever tried Chambord? It’s essentially a delicious berry liqueur, and the key ingredient in a French Martini (along with vodka and fresh pineapple juice).

True friendship – last weekend I went to my high school reunion. I’m not sure where the time has gone, however it was nice to pick up where I left off with girlfriends from as far away as Singapore, PNG and .. Wagga, all of whom I don’t see enough.

Book hangovers – I read some outstanding books earlier this year, but since then it seems like I’ve tried countless books and have enjoyed none. Any recommendations? I feel like nothing will replace the Good Food Guide on my nightstand!

Yellow Dresses – the French Connection store at the Sydney International terminal must be missing my business now I’m not travelling for work anymore. Doesn’t stop me from having a peek online though, and I’m crushing on this yellow dress. If only I didn’t have to buy myself a new phone…

Please, please, please let me know any book recommendations you have, or anything that may help my case for a puppy!

J x


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