400 Calorie Series: Baked Fish Parcels with Squash and Snow Peas

Lovely readers – how do you relax on the weekend? I’ll guess it might involve lazy sleep-ins, newspapers, movies or perhaps a long walk?

My Saturday was spent in the passenger seat of my car, taking my darling boyfriend for his first driving lesson. We went to a big carpark that was almost empty, with the exception of about 5 other L-Plate drivers and a couple of semi-suspicious looking delinquents. As Adam drove up and down the length of the carpark, I was secretly applauding myself for being so calm and collected, in between important instructions such as “check your mirrors”.

That feeling of calm lasted even as Adam told me he was ready to take on the road, and right up until we went to exit the carpark and could only turn left. Into three lanes of traffic. The far left lane that we were zooming along in ended after 100m. I won’t say anything else about Adam’s first lane change, except that he’s fine, my car is fine, and I’m almost fine.

Here’s a totally stress-free dinner – it’s firmly in the healthy eating section of feastplaylove, at a lean 210 calories per serve (Saturday night involved some well-deserved French martinis at Bootleg, so it’s back to healthy eating for me!)

Tell me, friends, how DO you like to relax on the weekend? Have you ever taught someone to drive?

Baked Fish Parcels with Yellow Squash and Snow Peas (serves 2)

300g Blue Eye Cod, or other firm white fish fillet

200g yellow squash

200g snow peas

4 spring onions

1.5 lemons

2 tablespoons dill

Four steps to dinner:

1. Firstly, preheat the oven to 180 degrees, then chop up the dill and spring onion and mix in a bowl with the juice the 1.5 lemons. I also added some lime rind for a bit of an extra citrus kick and some chilli flakes.

Mix the lemon, dill and shallots in a bowl

2. Tear off two 30cm pieces of baking paper and place the fish in the centre of the paper, skin side down. Fold up the edges of the baking paper so that the lemon juice doesn’t escape, and pour the lemon mixture over the fish.

Fold up the edges of the baking paper to make a little parcel

3. Seal the parcels by twisting up the ends. Pop the parcels onto a baking tray with the squash and bake for approximately 12 minutes.

4. Steam the snow peas for the final two minutes of the cooking time in the microwave.

Stress-free Baked Fish dinner

That’s it! Dinner done. Enjoy!


One thought on “400 Calorie Series: Baked Fish Parcels with Squash and Snow Peas

  1. I’ve given 2 people driving lessons precious – you and your sister so I feel your pain!! Glad you and Adam survived the first lesson and dad’s glad the car survived 😉

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