400 Calorie Series: Spring Salmon

I love Spring. While the weather here in Sydney has certainly been hotting up, it’s never really Spring until Seafolly launch their bus shelter campaign of gorgeous girls in their gorgeous bikinis. This particular campaign usually fills me with a substantial amount of bikini body fear, so it’s a good thing I’ve started trying to shift a few kilograms early!

Last night I cooked up some deliciously healthy Spring Salmon. You’ll only need a few ingredients:

2 salmon fillets
200g frozen peas
200g Broadbeans
Parsley, mint
Sprinkle of feta

First up, boil the kettle and preheat your oven to 200 degrees. Pop a baking tray in there to heat up.

Place your boiling water in a saucepan and bring it to the boil. Add the broadbeans and peas once the water starts to bubble up. They will need 3 minutes in the saucepan.

Meanwhile, crush parsley and mint in a mortar and pestle (or chop finely). Add feta and a squeeze of lemon.


Remove the broadbeans and peas from the saucepan and drain. When the broadbeans have cooled enough to touch, remove them from their skins. For me this was the most time consuming part of the recipe.

The salmon will only need 3 minutes on your preheated baking tray, so judge how quickly your broadbean peeling is coming along before sticking it in the oven.

After the salmon has cooked through, simply serve over the broadbean and pea mixture and enjoy!



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