Número 75, Avignon

Following Sydney’s dismal attempts at a summer last year, we are really enjoying the invariable 30 degree days and balmy nights in France. The evenings stay light until 9pm, and our restaurant decisions are always swayed in favour of those with outdoor seating.

Número 75 is one such restaurant. Following a failed attempt on our first night in Avignon to get a table here, the following evening we sensibly make a booking through our hotel.

According to our trusted (if not particularly relevant to our itinerary this time around) Lonely Planet guide, Número 75 is located in the former dining room of absinthe inventor Jules Pernod, but it’s the garden where we request a table.


Said table. Adam loves having his picture taken…

The menu is limited and seasonal, which I appreciate for two reasons: the kitchen focus their energies in creating fewer but better dishes, and it also means less choice (read; agonizing deliberation) for me! Our wait staff are friendly and help us to translate the menu.

I’m curious to try the Creme Brûlée de Fois Gras, a beautifully presented dish of Foie gras suspended in egg. The accompanying side salad and onion chutney are nice additions. The dish is far more egg than Fois Gras, it’s an interesting concept but lacks a certain je ne sais quoi for me.


Similarly, Adam enjoys his starter of Tartare de Saumon, which is served in a salad jar, but the guacamole is a little overpowering for his taste.


We have much more luck with the mains. Adam orders the Risotto des Saint Jacques, which is deliciously creamy and topped with meaty Scallops and artichokes. It is his favourite meal of the trip so far.


I have the Dos de Merlu, a white fish fillet served with a “minestrone” of seasonal vegetables, mainly zucchini and carrot, and just the right amount of seafood broth tying the dish together. The fish is cooked to perfection and is another standout meal.


Whenever the dessert debate rolls around, I am always in favour, Adam usually against. I’m in luck tonight and we order the Fromage Blanc, a feather-light cheesecake. It’s served with a raspberry coulis and homemade berry icecream, and a perfect finish to a lovely meal.


Número 75
75 Rue Guillaume Poy


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