La Maison de Marie, Nice

On the recommendation of the lovely staff at the Nice Garden Hotel, we made a reservation at La Maison de Marie for dinner on our last night in Nice.


Hidden away from bustling Rue Massena, where restaurants cram diners just elbows away from each other on the pavement, the setting of La Maison de Marie in its outdoor garden is a major draw card.


Service is rushed, but friendly, and at 10pm there is still a long line of people trying their luck for tables. The menu is extensive, covering a wide selection of entree, “from the butcher” and “from the sea” mains, along with a selection of pastas.

There is a set menu option available which represents value at €22.50 for a three course meal, but we elect to order a la carte. I then spend a ridiculously long time deliberating over said carte, between canard and the poiusson (one of the more difficult things I’ve done all day. Life’s tough as a traveller!)

We don’t recognize any of the grape varieties on the wine menu (except Chardonnay and Riesling), but the waitress recommends a dry, semi fruity wine from Provence, the Chateau La Font du Broc (2011) which is easily drinkable.

According to the menu, Adam orders a “traditional” Nicoise salad, however it appears at the table like no Nicoise we’ve seen before. In addition to the staple ingredients of tuna, olives and egg, the salad contains some interesting elements like artichoke, radish and broadbeans.


My Sardine and Tomato tart is lovely and light. The sardines aren’t overpoweringly salty, I wish my pastry attempts tasted like this one (something to master when I get home) and the tomato/onion layer is a welcome addition to the tart.


Adam’s main is the Stuffed Chicken Breast. It’s served on ratatouille and mashed potato, and is unfortunately a little on the dry side.


His dish is absolutely dwarfed by my giant Mixed Fish and Lobster platter. My iPhone photos unfortunately do not do the dish justice:


The giant platter contains an assortment of mussels, swordfish, white fish fillets and of course lobster, served on a bed of roasted potato and rosemary. The seafood is of excellent quality, the serving is generous and Adam selflessly assists when I can eat no more.

I would recommend La Maison de Marie if you ever find yourself in Nice. It is truly a standout from many of the other tourist traps in town, and while it is a little more pricey, the courtyard setting and the food make it worth it.

La Maison de Marie
5 Rue Massena
06000 Nice
Tel 049382 1593



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