Let’s go surfing now, everybody’s learning how…

Since moving to Bondi, Adam and I still haven’t purchased all of the furniture that we need. We still have an oversized cupboard/undersized room that we can’t figure out what to do with. Adam has, however, purchased a surfboard and a wetsuit. His most recent purchase for us? Surfing lessons. In July. In the middle of the middle month of WINTER.

To say I was reluctant is something of an understatement. However, singing terrible Beach Boys classics, I pulled on a wetsuit this afternoon (is there an outfit less flattering? I can’t think of one) and signed my life away on this little form:

Bondi Let's Go Surfing

You may be bitten by an ocean creature (!!!!)

Afterward, we hit the beach. There were just five people in our group, and during the introductions I was embarrassed to admit to being a Sydneysider with no surfing experience (I was predictably the token Australian).  Because of the small group size,  we all received special attention, tips and encouragement from our fantastic instructor, Matt.

dangerous current

Surf’s up!

After a few practice rounds of standing up on our surfboards whilst on the sand, I’m pleased to report that both Adam and I managed to stand up on our boards in the sea. I often have trouble keeping my balance on dry land, so I really surprised myself!

Hit: Standing up on my surfboard! What a buzz. And the scalding hot shower I spent hours in when we returned home.

Miss: Adam’s biggest challenge was getting his balance, mine was battling my way through the super strong tide to get to deeper water! I’m still trying to get the water out of my ears.

Recommend: Absolutely – the quintessential Bondi experience and a great workout. Although maybe wait until it’s a little warmer!

Lets Go Surfing

128 Ramsgate Ave,

North Bondi, NSW 2026

Tel: (02) 9365-1800


Cost – $89 for a 2 hour lesson


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